content writing tips for traffic

11 Content Writing Tips

How to write a blog post that gets traffic

Whether you have thought about it consciously or not, but writing articles on your site without audience is frustrating. Your focus should not be getting more traffic, it should be providing strong content that engage viewers and generate traffic for you. Content is the king for your brand. So, here are 11 valuable tips to turn your readers into your fans and grab more eyeballs for your brand.
content writing tips for traffic

1. Conduct Search on your keywords

When you are writing content for the seo, it always begin with a list of keywords that you would  like to rank your blog post for. If your blog does no appear in search results for the “right” keywords, then you might have visitors but not the audience you wanted to target. To conduct keywords search, use Google Adwords key planner free tool. It will give you details of which keywords are popular and it will give you insight of keywords trends in future. Here is the video that demonstrates in detail. Once you have keywords list, don’t stuff keywords into your article. Its best practice to use several variations of keywords phrases.

2. Write content to target audience that share your post

Defining the right audience who are most likely to share your post is the another important aspect of your articles success. When you know your target audience your efforts, energy and time will be saved. You will have crystal-clear idea regarding what problems they have and current common solutions they use, you can offer more solutions in your article. Usually, “How-Tos”,”Top mosts”, ” Tips” articles appeal audiences.

3. Content, Images and Infographics Strategy

Study content of fellow bloggers in your niche, You can add more ideas and light up your post with images or infographics. If you can not create it, you can use other’s infographics and link back to their site

4. Link your old article

If you have write another post regarding same topic in general, it is best practice to link old post in content. It will help you generate internal backlinks and boost your SEO for your post. Most common here mistake is that bloggers do it for SEO, keep link text look as natural as it can be. Remember purpose is to write for readers so, to help they understand blog topic better.  This is also a good strategy to link other blog articles. You might also get a link back from them.

5. Provide a clear, immediate call to action

This is the very common mistake, Usually bloggers right about their products and services. At end of article, They don’t provide link/ button for call to action. A simple “Buy Now” or “Contact Us” button can increase your visitor to customer conversion by 128%

6. Proof Reading

Use one word instead of two. Remove redundant content and write a blog post that is original, You can use copyscape for duplicate content. Google Panda algorithm is smart, just changing words here and there will not serve the purpose, Write unique content is a must to achieve high rank in Google.

7. Schedule  publishment of blog post to best time when you have most traffic in entire day

Another important thing to note is which is your pick day and what time in day that you get peak traffic. Generally, 1PM to 4PM on weekdays is good time. Best days are Thursday and Friday for twitter, facebook. For facebook promotions, on weekend user activities increases. Pinterest and Tumblr user engagement increases on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Lot of research available to us regarding best time is conflicting, here is the post I like most. Sharing your article on social media for a specific time, you can schedule your next post with Buffer or hootsuite

8. Email to promote your blog post amongst your subscribers.

Your subscribers are your fans, don’t them go away. Always, keep them updated with your new blog post. Ask for their valuable feedback, They are most likely share your blog posts and create awareness for your brand. You can use various plugins to gather subscribers. You can also use MailChimp to send them out emails.

9. Share your blog post to social media multiple times.

Don’t be spammers. This one really depends on your followers, coz your news feed belong to them. if you see a down fall in likes and reshare stop sharing multiple times. Here is my strategy: On publish, later Same day, Next day, Next week, Next month and after 3 months.

10 Survey your readers

Feedback is always a best tool to communicate more effectively with your target audience. Constantly work on gathering challenges they face, what they do like or not like in your articles. Surveying them will generate definitely more blog ideas for you.

11. Be consistent and don’t give up

If you are writing daily a blog post, that is even better, Most of cms provide a way to schedule your blog post for the future publishment. so, you can maintain consistency and if you are not getting enough audience like your competitors, don’t give up.  More you write with clear purpose, more effective your blog is going to be. Share your blog post URL to communities, groups, blogs in your niche.