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5 steps to boost your search engine rankings

Why is it vital to rank well in Search Engines + steps to boost your search engine rankings in 2015

What is Search Engine Ranking?

Search Engine ranking is a position on resulted list of websites for a search query. Each search engine has its own algorithm to generate search results, It is possible that some site ranks higher ( lower page number) for Google and for the same search query on Yahoo, it may appear on higher page number in results.

Importance of ranking well across search engines:

  • The majority of search engines users are more likely to choose one of the top 3 suggestions from the first page of results.
  • It builds trust among customers. People values Search engines algorithms and they think if a site listed up in the search result list that means higher the brand value.
  • Search engines users are most likely to share articles and web links of well-ranked content.

5 low effort steps to boost your SEO Rankings.

Google search engine algorithm sort results based on 200 factors. Here are low hanging fruits to reap SEO ranking benefits quickly.

      1. Search Keywords Placement:
        First and foremost, Determine the keywords that you want to rank for. Find the phrases those are related to your target audience’s search query. If you are just starting, you should first focus on local SEO, i.e. include your city / area in search phrases.    Use Keywords in
        1.1 Article Title and Page Titles: Your page title should have the most general keyword, don’t focus on narrowed keyword.1.2 Image alt tags: You may use your secondary keyword phrases in image alt tags, keep keywords phrases as natural as it seems in the context of images.

        1.3 Article content: Highlight keyword text with bold fonts and if you know basic HTML, It is good to have these keywords at least once in h1, h2 or h3 tags in your content

        1.4 Page Link(URL): It is highly recommended to have SEO friendly Url with keyword part of URL.

      2. Internal Link Structure: Internal links are links pointing to same domain. link structure plays the killer role in rankings. It is such a simple concept, often not considered seriously. Most of Seo experts, focus on getting backlinks from other websites, but internal links help your reader access content easily, define the hierarchy of content and boost your SEO. Instead of pointing your most of links to Homepage or Contact us page, try to link deep pages not easily accessible via menu navigations.
      3. Reduce page loading time:
        In survey after survey, internet users say they want their online experience to be as fast as possible. Over 40% internet users, abandon a site, if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. Site with good page speed, most likely to have high conversion rate and well SEO ranks. You can use caching, image compression, neat web design, fast hosting services to boost up your page speed.
      4. Backlinks-Feedbacks:
        Target audience in your niche, start writing link-worthy content to get backlinks, social media share. Ask your clients to review your service, these will help you get strong brand positioning in your niche and it will boost your SEO ranks.
      5. Mobile Friendly Website:
        Statistics show that, these days more and more internet users browse web through smartphones and tablets, Your web design should be the same experience for all that devices, learn about how responsive web design affect your business, Mobile friendly website will help you convert your mobile visitors and boost your mobile search rankings.

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